H.Res. 580 - The "Sunlight Resolution" - Expose Washington Corruption

Documentation and Analysis

Process and Analysis
Overview of issues, methodology, background, procedures

How to Read the Master Chart
Explanation of data

Master Chart
This chart links specific (Gold Standard) House-reimbursed flights and TLC-reimbursed flights.

Source Material
Statement of Disbursements (pages 1 - 21 and page 110)
Credit Card Statements with TLC Checks (pages 22-109, and 111-112).
Here you can review American Express credit card statements, corresponding TLC expense reimbursement checks covering these expenses, and relevant pages from the SOD showing the duplicate payments (indicated by a small x in the margin beside the dollar amount) that are linked in the Master Chart.

The credit card statements with his hand-written notations were provided to TLC by Dr. Paul to back-up expense reimbursement claims he made on TLC. Presumably, each organization from which he sought expense reimbursements would have received this same kind of documentation. TLC is a public corporation, tax-exempt under Section 501(4) of the IRS Code and these became part of the public record. These records are not complete for the years covered because only those documenting the highest, Gold Standard of duplicated payments are included. However, there are no pages for the year 2004 for a different reason. No requests for travel reimbursement were made between the end of 2003 until January 2005 at which time duplicate billing was uncovered. For an explanation of this, see “Findings” in Process and Analysis.
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